Emerging Cybersecurity Technologies and

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Emerging Cybersecurity Technologies and Policies within National Security Defense

By: John Haley

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Cybersecurity Technology
3. Features of New Technology
4. Role of Federal Government in Development
5. Federal Government: Positive or Negative?
6. Conclusion

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Some of the most common cybersecurity technologies that exist today include: Intrusion detection systems, Intrusion prevention systems, Encryption, and Firewalls for network protection, as well as, biometric measures like fingerprint scans for access control. These technologies offer a baseline of security protection against the most common threats.
Intrusion detection and prevention systems monitor traffic/ logs either on the individual host or on the network in real time looking for signatures of common attacks or anomalies that will trigger an alarm either of an attack in motion or an attack that has already occurred.
Firewalls monitor network traffic in real time and either allows or denies certain traffic into or out of the network based on the type of firewall and the rules they are programmed to follow. Firewalls are a very important baseline in system infrastructure and design.
Encryption is one of the most important technologies of cybersecurity designed to protect the confidentiality of data. Encryption uses a complex mathematical formula and a key which randomizes and creates a coded or encrypted message. Only the party that the message or data is originally intended for can read in plain text by using the appropriate key to decrypt the data. Some encryption algorithms such as AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) are very complex
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