Emerging Issues in Higher Education

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Emerging Issues in Higher Education Introduction It is important to note that the right to access higher education is a fundamental aspect embraced in a number of international human rights. Concerning the economic covenant of 1996 on the Social and Cultural Rights of the UN International; the declaration in article 13 states, higher learning deserves equal accessibility to all, in full capacity and means by introducing free education. There are important facts that work effectively with higher education. After completion of high school or secondary school, there are necessary entry requirements that validate an individuals' acceptance in any higher institution of learning. This means that minimal requirements as a measure exist to ensure quality in higher institutions of learning (Davidovitch, 2011). Higher education involves acquiring knowledge, acquisition and skill and applying this in a practical sense. This can be explained further through teaching, research and exacting applied work (for example in dental and medical schools), and social services activities of higher education of learning. The arena of teaching also involves undergraduate level, beyond that, graduate or postgraduate level). The latter form of education is the graduate school. Higher education hence becomes vital to economies of nations both as a relevant industry and as a source of skilled and learned people for the rest of the financial system. While looking at higher education it is necessary to
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