Emerging Markets and Turbulent Markets

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1.0. Introduction

“The best strategy for a given firm is ultimately a unique construction reflecting its particular circumstances.”(Michael Porter). This assignment will focus on fabricating fundamental strategies suitable for a particular industry and a specific organization’s situations, and the different dynamics that managers face when implementing them. Mainly looking into two particular industries namely emerging industries which will be addressed in section a, and Turbulent, high-velocity Industries which will be addressed in section b of the assignment discussing extensively the appropriate strategies firm must adopt to achieve their corporate goals.
Section A: Emerging Industries

2.0. Characteristics of an Emerging Market
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Thirdly firms have to capture new consumers and exploring new geographical regions therefore expanding their footprint on the globe hence growing the establishment. Fourthly marketing communications should emphasize on increasing frequency of use accompanied by the lowering the price so as to attract price-sensitive consumers of the product so as to build brand loyalty.
2.3. Strategic Planning
2.3.1. Strategic Vision “To be the fabric of real-time communication on the internet”
2.3.2. Strategic Mission
Is to connect all people across all devices and accelerating both companies ' efforts worldwide to transform real-time communications for consumers and enterprise customers through our hard working and competent work force and developing top of the range innovative technology.

2.3.3. Strategic Objectives Short- term Objectives
• Increase Business allied Skype calls from 37% to 60% in the next three years.
• Hold onto present market share therefore making it tougher for new businesses to enter and for challengers to gain ground
• Create strategic alliances with smartphone, tablet and pc computer manufacturers in the next two years.
• Increase revenues by 20% per annum in the next 2 years
• Deliver greater levels of customer service
• Personalized services to increase customer loyalty Long- term
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