Emerging Technologies And Techniques For Business Leaders

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We are currently living in the digital world. Data generated by each and every device is growing exponentially in every area like Aviation, Satellite, Stock Market, Research, Social Media, Retail Industry etc., more and more techniques and discoveries are taking place to collect and process vast amounts of data in shorter interval of time. In order to significantly improve progress in those areas, scalable and high performance IT infrastructures are needed to deal with the high volume, velocity and variety of data. On the other hand, every part of our day to day usage of electronic devices generate some amount of data in its fashion. Companies grew in rapid phase to collect each piece of data generated by the people to use for their analytics to study and predict customer willingness towards the products. Emerging technologies and techniques are introducing day by day to identify new optimal ways to predict customer interests. Data generated are to be collected on the fly and provide insights to help business leaders to take better decisions. As Big Data problems evolve, each application have its own characteristics with respect to their data and analysis process. Firstly, besides the huge amount of historical data, streaming data plays an important role. For instance, GPS ground stations do monitor and predict geological events on earthquakes generates lots of real time data which needs streaming data processing. Automatic trading systems in stock market needs dynamic
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