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Technology Effects CMGT/557 Emerging Technologies and Issues October 10, 2011 Information System Abstract This document will present a technology that has changed the way society sees the movie and TV industry. This paper will present details of how this technology impacted its industry, how it is used, how people, and competitors reacted. Examples will be provided of similar scenarios and what new opportunities this technology has presented to its market, plus how the government and legislation reacted toward this new technology advancement.…show more content…
The name of these self serve movie renting machines is Red box; this is the technology and idea that changed everything for movie rental stores. As well as the online movie streaming, this technology development made and amazing impact in its industry because it made one of the biggest contenders go bankruptcy, this contender was Blockbuster video. Their company was in the market for more than 20 years, and someone with the right tools, and the right vision made their empire come down. This is the clearest example why organizations need to stay always current and innovating the way they provide service because if they become too comfortable, someone can find a better way to do it and bring your hard work down. The way that technology was used on this scenario provided was by creating a box with a screen and a system in which the user can select his or her movie choice, the system will recognize that selection, and dispense the DVD movie the user wanted. This new strategy help the creator to save thousands of dollars on employees, benefits, store locations, utilities, security, and many others. This is why their company strategy was incredibly effective and not only made them a leader, but also a standard on how people rent their movies today. Both of these technologies mentioned on this paper had a long way before they became leaders in their industry. After long research trying to find the most accurate history
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