Emerging Technologies in Data Security

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Emerging Technologies in Data Security Introduction In creating a network to support 200 employees in a retail business across five stores in the Midwest, several key design criterion need to be considered in addition to specific security strategies for remote telecommuting, office-based and traveling employees. The intent of this paper is to define the hardware, software, networks and people involved in the design and use of the system, in addition to defining the data captured and information products including reports produced. A description of the files and databases that need to be accessed and secured throughout the system are also provided. The foundation of any successful data security strategy is the development of a framework which takes into account the goals, objectives and initiatives of the enterprise (Lin, Varadharajan, 2010). Defining An Effective Data Security Strategy for Mobile Devices In a 200 employee retail business with five stores located throughout the Widest, the most critical information and associated files include transaction-based data, often cross-referenced by location of store and customer group. One of the fastest-growing areas of enterprise security is support for the many transactions that occur daily within supply chains, in addition to the mobile-based transactions within retail stores (Lin, Varadharajan, 2010). These two areas of transactions are the most prevalent through retail, and have the greatest potential to disrupt a
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