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Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC): A Survey Abstract: Mobile devices have come a long way and their capabilities in terms of speed, raw computing capabilities, storage capacity and the applications that are real world end user friendly. The sale of mobile devices has seen a huge boom and is now surpassing those of PCs [1]. With this enormous use of smart phones across the world and as well as the introduction of cloud computing concept, Mobile Cloud computing or MCC has become the new paradigm in the world of mobile services. This paper will discuss the technology of MCC, applications and challenges faced. Mobile Cloud Computing: Introduction MCC in its simplest form can be defined as an infrastructure where the storage of data and its…show more content…
The mobile subscribers can use their screen interface without worrying about the amount of RAM or computing power their mobile devices have. It will also help the mobile subscribers to effectively use their battery power and thus contributing towards lower energy bills [8]. Challenges Faced Mobile applications that use the cloud-computing paradigm also bring in lot of challenges. Cloud based mobile gaming apps will have higher operating costs while employing on-demand pricing models on the cloud. Another challenge is the high demand on the mobile network bandwidth required in such an environment. Availability is another issue, as it cannot guarantee same levels of availability as in the case of wired networks. MCC will also have to provide heterogeneity among different access technologies to its subscribers. Finally mobile devices can be prone to virus and other malicious attacks which can bring privacy problems to users [6]. Another challenge that MCC faces is the issues related to offloading the computing from mobile devices to cloud. As discussed earlier offloading is one of the main features of MCC, however it does not always leads saving of energy. For example when compiling a code, offloading might take up more energy than doing it on a local mobile device. So offloading can contribute towards energy saving only when the code to be compiled is of larger size. Conclusion MCC is an emerging
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