Emerging Technology and e-business

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Emerging Technology and e-Business

Emerging Technology and e-Business The methodology of doing business has greatly been affected by the emerging technology for the last two decades. Business organizations are forced to adopt new technology in one way or the other in order to cope up with the dynamic customer and industry requirements. The most influential technology is the information and communication technology, which has seen business organizations diver their modes of conducting business from the traditional local based system to computer and internet based information seekers. It is arguable that the advent of computer and internet has changed the role of information in business, and
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Leaders in the market place select segments in which they can dominate and own. The internet and web based technology has allowed market leaders in e-business to choose and focus on a segment in which they can maximize their profits (Grefen, 2010). The technology is complex and customers therefore require more support to adopt and utilize the new technology. It is normal for most people to resist change, especially where the change requires that people take extra lessons to get acquainted with the technology. E-business affects the supply chain management because it is quite a new paradigm which has changed the way the people work and requires extensive training and assistance. The technology has also changed the way companies maintain their organizations. Information system is the most important factor in e-business, and thus it has to be protected and maintained at all times. Technology requires that that change if behavior be a real factor within the business culture. E-business requires that technology be applied extensively, where high touch or active marketing is the most crucial mechanism for changing behavior. Customers get their questions answered and present their opinions to the business management, which ultimately aid the businesses to improve their activities (Beyer, 2010). The market system and the ecosystem are
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