Emerging Themes in the Tea Industry

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Emerging Themes in the Tea Sector
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Emerging Themes | December 2010 | Membership Number: 2916169

Task One:

Summary of Sources
Justification Social Factor Impact on the Industry


1. Sri Lanka Tea Review • This publication • Tea perceived 2009, By Forbes & offers statistics on tea and consumed Walker Tea Brokers production in Sri as a remedy for (Pvt) Ltd. Lanka. illnesses and less as a regular • It provides statistics beverage. E.g. on world tea Colds and flu. production.

Secondary Sources

• Provides Information on world tea exports. 2. Tea and Coffee Trade • This journal features Journal 2010 articles on the latest trends in the global tea industry. • Features articles on new products in the market. • Features articles on tea producing countries and their facts & figures. 3. www.teatrends.com • This website provides information on the health benefits of tea. • Provides information on the latest trends in the industry • Provides Information on the latest products in the industry • Updates on the latest developments in consumption behavior. • Provides information on trends in the industry. • Tea consumed by certain segments of consumers for its health benefits E.g. losing weight, Slimming etc.

• Provides Information on annual market outlook.

• General consumption frequency has reduced
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