Emerging Thought Leaders Across All B2b Business Models

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3. Store-Within-a-Store Applications Emerging thought leaders across all B2B business models understand how important it is to react to market demand, satisfy busy customers who search for products on their mobile devices and take advantage of segmentation to offer special catalog lists and pricing tiers to various sub-groups. Store-within-a-store applications can benefit a range of B2B marketing strategies including offering more compact catalogs to special segments, promoting branded merchandise separately from in-house or generic brands, creating B2B stores within larger retail operations and satisfying other special marketing and buying needs. These sub-brands can be used to provide deeper product specs and descriptions, offer…show more content…
B2B websites can deliver better compliance with vendor requirements while creating a better shopping experience for buyers by creating a sub-brand store to market products under an exclusive label with customized store designs and buying features. 4. Separate Client Stores for VIP Customers Large eCommerce stores often depend on sales to VIP customers, and many of these buyers need higher levels of support than regular customers. VIP customers might need more detailed product research and vendor support services, special lists of preapproved products, custom pricing, flexibility to customize products, products from only name-brand manufacturers or built-in ordering limits constrained by individual store deliveries, budget caps, seasonal boundaries and confidentiality or security-compliance issues. These special product lists could challenge any B2B operation and its staff to comply with all these special requirements. Back-office customizations can craft special instructions and catalogs or stores-within-stores that only display approved products and limit orders based on customizable guidelines. The companies can still order other products if approved, which often requires approvals from multiple decision-makers. These store customizations can offer the following automatic processes: Providing information on new products to all decision-makers to expedite approvals Limiting catalogs for easier ordering on mobile devices
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