Emerging Trends Of Technology And Healthcare

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Emerging Trends of Technology in Healthcare As technology in healthcare continues to grow, it seems as if the possibilities are endless. I see this growth as something new, improved, and promising for the future of healthcare. I am sure that not everyone feels that way. But, I feel if the research is done and the tools are used properly with proper privacy guidelines taken, that it is easy to see that this is going to be the way of the future, whether everyone likes it or not. It is something that will continue to grow with the growth of healthcare and new technological advances. One of the main advances that the healthcare world is being taken by storm with currently is the expanding use of telemedicine. Throughout this paper I…show more content…
This is often due to geographical distances, time restraints, travel accommodations, etc. There are a number of functions that telemedicine can provider to the healthcare system. It has also been said that telehealth will actually contribute to improving equity in access care by enhancing communication between health care professionals. Telemedicine is not a separate medical specialty. It is just an “added bonus,” or an effort of a healthcare institute to deliver quality care at your fingertips (What is Telemedicine?). There are different types of telemedicine. Networked programs link tertiary care hospitals and clinics with outlying clinics and community health centers in rural or suburban area (Wager & Lee). This is something that was proven difficult prior to telemedicine. The links use dedicated high-speed lines or the Internet for telecommunication that is the link between all the clinics. Point-to-point connections are made by private high speed networks and used by hospitals and clinics to deliver services directly or outsource specialty services to independent medical providers. Just a few of the outsourced services include radiology, stroke assessment, and mental health and intensive care services. Monitoring center links are used for cardiac, pulmonary or fetal monitoring, home care
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