Emerging Trends : Work Life Balance

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Emerging Trends: Work-Life Balance Is the New Perk Employees Are Seeking Today’s business world is constantly evolving, technology is improving exponentially and international business relations are a necessity for global companies to function. This is an amazing time we live in, society is fortunate that technology has enabled interaction across the globe. This communication technology also comes with challenges to maintain an acceptable level of balance between work and personal time management. Always being available, plugged into social media, email, text messages and calls; leads to information overload and little time for human minds to reflect upon the massive information coming in. This leaves people distracted constantly and not…show more content…
Sales force and regional service managers are examples of jobs that require remote work to cover territories. Team members that are on conference calls most of the day or work in global roles covering different time zones should not have to sit in an office for this activity. Covering different international time zones are challenging, having flexible hours is important to avoid burnout for these positions. For example, a Supply Chain professional or clinical trial manager may have projects going on across the US, Canada, Europe and Asia. A person in this type of position needs to manage multiple time zones and demonstrate flexibility to take turns with off hour meeting calls. Positions that are less likely to afford flexibility are those requiring physical attention or deliverables; such as manufacturing operators, quality control, technical or lab related positions. Also for those that may not be proficient in their role or lack the self-discipline to focus when working from home. In my opinion, the intensive use of self-managed teams makes it more difficult for employees to achieve work-life balance. My old company is going through transitions to this self-managed team model. Team members find collaboration reduced and competition increased in this particular environment. The uncertainty and mistrust is driving people to feel obligated to be at the office for visibility to what is being
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