Emerging Trends in Training and Development in West Bengal

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Global Trends in the field of Training and Development

This chapter is further sub divided into the following topics:

1. Human Resource in the Hospitality Industry. 2. Link of Training and Development with Human Resource. 3. Emerging Trends in the field of Training and Development.

1. Human Resource in the Hospitality Industry.


The success of any industry depends to a great extent up on the quality of human

resource and tourism is not an exception. Tourism is a labor intensive industry, which provides employment to skilled, semi skilled and unskilled workers directly and indirectly. The progressive labor force with dynamic management and responsive government and responsible society are the pillars of the tourism
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In the Asian and Pacific region, the shortage of skilled manpower poses a major threat to the overall


development of tourism. International tourism is a relatively new phenomenon and therefore the lack of managerial capability exists at all levels of the industry.

In particular, the rapid expansion of hotels of an international standard in the region is creating a high level of demand for skilled and experienced staff. The nature of the decisions facing hotel management is continually expanding. For their business to remain competitive, managers must be skilful in many diverse areas. For instance, they must possess a good understanding of how current events and the economy affect the market and develop skill in marketing their products. They must also strive to keep up with the technological innovations in the operational side of the industry. As part of the service industry, tourism is labor intensive and generally requires well developed social and language skills in a cross cultural working environment. These demands have placed considerable strain on small, independent operators, who cannot rely on the broad management expertise available to their multinational hotel chain competitors.

The availability of skilled and trained manpower is a crucial element in the successful long term development and sustainability of a tourist
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