Emerson And Wharton Essay

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Philosophers, poets and even the common man are all affected by nature in different ways. The wonders of nature can leave a man breathless and yet full of vigor. Pleasure, peace, and passion are all mental emotions coursing through human bodies as humans take in the mental effects of nature. Emerson himself once said that we must “adopt the peace of nature.” In every part of nature there is beauty. Emerson and Wharton both agreed on the magnificence and comfort of the physical and mental influences of nature. Emerson and Wharton celebrate the transcendental power of the natural world over the material world. The two transcendentalists believe in the artistry and elegance of nature and they both especially love summer afternoons as evidenced in Emerson’s poem “The Humble Bee”. Both Emerson and Wharton express their appreciation and affection for nature by celebrating, contemplating, and characterizing nature itself. Wharton’s belief that the two words, “summer days” are the most beautiful words in the English language is similar to Emerson’s belief that nature is above all…show more content…
Although Emerson and Wharton are overcome by the influence of nature and worship the glories of nature others may view nature in a different way. Wharton and Emerson were Transcendentalists and they truly worshipped and believed in nature and they were spiritually impacted by nature. Christians on the other hand are impacted by nature in the sense that it is God’s creation. Nature is God’s art and every day he paints his canvas, the earth. Christians are impacted through God by nature, whereas Transcendentalists are impacted directly by nature as the superior spiritual force. Emerson and Wharton placed great value in nature even worshipping it above all things, however all humans are influenced, impassioned, and intrigued by the extravagances of nature in their own personal
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