Emi Case Study

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Company Overview
Electric & Musical Industries (EMI) was established in 1931. EMI Group, PLC is the world 3rd largest music company which based in London. It is the world largest independent music company, not being a unit, subsidiary or division of a larger conglomerate corporation. EMI’s business is comprised of two main group; EMI Recorded Music and EMI Music Publishing. EMI Recorded Music accounted for 81.6% of EMI Group, PLC sales and 59.3% of the company’s operating profit in fiscal 2003.
EMI Recorded Music has over 100 recording labels featuring some of the greatest rock and pop artists in recorded music history. Its major recording label includes: Capital Record and Capital Record Nashville, Chrysalis, EMI Classics, Java
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EMI has often enjoyed success with joint venture with other large company such as Apple Computer (i tunes) and Yahoo! In joint project for mutual gain.
Internet sales - Internet has become the fastest growing media for music distribution and many analyses expect that the downloading trends will continue to grow in a future. The success of Apple i tunes has show it is possible to sell download music over the internet with many customers willing to pay rather than download the music for free from such sources as KazaA, Morpheus and many more where legality is still a rather grey area. Selling music by internet download may be an area EMI may try to enter directly or through collaborations and increase market share.
More Open M&A regulatory - More open or liberalization of M&A in music industry may increase EMI Group opportunity to acquire or merge with other music company. This will give EMI added market share and resources to compete with other major music companies.
Focus on market where it has a strong market share and growth - Although North America especially US is the biggest market for recorded music, however it seem that EMI having trouble to keep competing to gain more market share. Maybe EMI has to give more focus or gaining more in the market that it has a strong share such as UK & Ireland, Australasia and
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