Emile Durkheim On Suicide Summary

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Emile Durkheim states in his book, “On Suicide: A Study in Sociology,” “Social man…is the masterpiece of existence.” This statement stands out to me because the types of suicide Emile talks about is how man and the social world interact. Emile contributed many things for sociology and one of those things would be, “developing a new methodology, which focusses on what he calls “social facts”, or elements of collective life that exist independently of and are able to exert an influence on the individual” (iep.utm.edu). Another big way Emile contributed to sociology was by separating sociology from all other studies. Emile believed that sociology and philosophy are complementary but sociology has an advantage over philosophy…show more content…
The second type of suicide is Altruistic suicide. This suicide occurs among tightly knit groups when they came under severe threat and members were prepared to die in the groups defense (actforlibraries.org). Right off the bat this reminds me of ISIS. They have many suicide bombers that if ISIS came under threat that anyone of the ISIS members would be prepared to die to defend the group. Although ISIS is what comes to my mind for Altruistic suicide Emile states that it can be anyone. They do not have to be in a group. An example used for this would be, a wife killing herself when her husband is dead (home.ku.edu). Altruistic suicide is where the ego is not its own property (home.ku.edu). In other words, having an ego would prevent you from committing suicide because of a group or incident. When you do not have an ego, you are easily manipulated to do what the group says or what you think would benefit the group. The third type of suicide is Anomic suicide. This type of suicide happens when there is disillusionment and disappointment (actforlibraries.org). Anomie was a concept Durkheim developed to describe a state where social and/or moral norms were confused, unclear, or simply not present (“normlessness”) (actforlibraries.org). This type of suicide reminds me of what someone would do if their city or town is in mass
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