Emile Durkheim Theory On Suicide Analysis

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Semester III
Critical Analysis of Emile Durkheim's "Theory on Suicide"

Tenzin Kunsang

Suicide is the act of deliberately killing oneself. According to World Health Organization data most of the suicide cause is due to mental disorders, physical illness, such as cancer, HIV, infection. The center for disease control gave the suicide data as the tenth leading cause of death for all ages in 2010. One of the latest destruction suicide happened in India was British American actress, Jiah khan's suicide. On 3rd June 2013 she was found hanging herself in her apartment Mumbai, India. Although, the accusation are pointed at live-in boyfriend Suraj Pancholi the reason
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In 19th century in Europe there is rapid increase in suicide. The case of death can be positive action such as jumping from an upper window or negative action such as hunger strike. Durkheim eliminates psychotic paranoid suicide because it is non sociological explanation of suicide and it is not the result of self-concise aim. The factor correlation between mental disorder and self-destruction varies considerably.
Scotland had comparatively high level of lunacy but there is low level self-destruction. While Saxony showed a low level of lunacy but a high rate of self-destruction. Alcohol addiction and substance abuse are eliminated by Durkheim (Law, 2011, p.200). Undoubtedly, race itself is abolished as an irrational concept. In the month of summer and at temperature degrees of latitude (50-55 degrees), there are more suicide cases because when communion is most competency public, especially in urban areas. One of the causes of non-social associated to suicide that Durkheim examines is imitation. Durkheim differing the suicide rates among protestant and catholic, he argues that stronger social control among catholic result in lower suicide rates. According to Durkheim, catholic society has normal levels of integration while protestant society has low levels. He says that suicide rates are higher in men than in women. Suicides rates are higher among those who are not in relationship than those who are married. Because of the being single, the women do not have children so there is more suicide case in
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