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Principles and practices in the 21st century

Kimberly A. Zeuli and Robert Cropp

ABOUT THE COVER IMAGE: The “twin pines” is a familiar symbol for cooperatives in the United States. The Cooperative League of the USA, which eventually became the National Cooperative Business Association (NCBA), adopted it as their logo in 1922. The pine tree is an ancient symbol of endurance and immortality. The two pines represent mutual cooperation—people helping people.



Chapter 1
An introduction to cooperatives


Chapter 2
Historical development of cooperatives throughout the world


Chapter 3
Cooperative history, trends, and laws in the United States


Chapter 8
Procedures for organizing a cooperative
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Coercion is the antithesis of cooperation. Persons a formal business model, compelled to act contrary to their wishes are not which has relatively recent origins. The earliest coopera- truly cooperating. True cooperation with others arises from a belief in mutual help; it can’t be tive associations were created in Europe and North dictated. In authentic cooperatives, persons join
The first signs of
America during the 17th and voluntarily and have the freedom to quit the cooporganized hunting
18th centuries. These associ- erative at any time.3 The forced collectives prevaactivity based around lent in the former Soviet Union, for example, were ations were precursors to communities are associated with not true cooperatives. cooperatives. The pioneers
Homo erectus, of the Rochdale Society in
Another widely accepted cooperative definition is modern human
19th-century England are ancestors who lived the one adopted by the United States Department between 500,000 and celebrated for launching the of Agriculture (USDA) in 1987: A cooperative is a
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