Emily Bronte 's Wuthering Heights

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Title: Wuthering Heights Author: Emily Brontë Date of Publication: 1847 Genre: Gothic Romance / Fiction Biographical information about the author Emily Jane Brontë (born 30 July, 1818 | Died December, 19, 1848) was born in Thorton. She was one of six Bronte children; she kept to herself usually and was unusually quiet. In 1835 she briefly attend Miss Wooler’s school at Roe Head. Around 1837 Emily taught at Law Hill School. In 1842 she and Charlotte studied in Brussels. Historical information about period of publication “February 22, 1847: U.S. troops commanded by General Zachary Taylor defeated a Mexican Army at the Battle of Buena Vista in the Mexican War.” “March 29, 1847: U.S. troops commanded by General Winfield Scott captured…show more content…
The story is about a man named Heathcliff; it follows his life all the way to his death. Brontë talks about his life in his adopted family where he flourished in it, then he end up going down the social class as he ends up as a servant. He decides to run away after overhearing the love of his life saying that she with never marry him and that she will marry another guy. Then he comes back in the later years, wealthy and educated, to start plotting revenge on the two families that he believed ruined his life. Describe the author’s style (tone, diction, narrative voice, sentence, paragraph, chapter structure) Brontë has a dramatic tone as well as a lyrical style on every page throughout the novel. She writes all words with expression over nature. Brontë’s style changes from each point of view (Nelly and Lockwood). Examples that demonstrate style “I lingered round them, under the benign sky; watched the moths fluttering among the heath and hare-bells; listened to the soft wind breathing through the grass; and wondered how anyone could ever imagine unquiet slumbers, for the sleepers in that quiet earth (412).” “It was a
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