Emily Bronte 's Wuthering Heights

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The Series of Unfortunate Events
Emily Bronte, a highly esteemed and imaginative writer, is the mastermind behind the novel Wuthering Heights. When Bronte was very young, her mother passed away from a serious, untreatable sickness. After her death, Branwell, Bronte’s older brother, took care of the children (Pettingell). Her brother, a poet and painter, turned to an alcoholic and drug abuser was responsible for the children as they all grew up together. He was irrational and never treated Emily and her sisters the way they deserved (King). The turmoil inside of the Bronte family led to a lot of chaos and misfortune. The decisions that her brother had to make caused a direct impact on Bronte and her sisters because he was their caretaker.
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When Mr. Earnshaw passes away, the abuse continues to worsen as Hindley gains possession of the Earnshaw manor, Wuthering Heights. Having the power over the estate and everything regarding the land, Hindley forces Heathcliff to be a servant in his own home. “He drove him from their company to the servants, deprived him of the instructions of the curate, and insisted that he should labour out of doors instead; compelling him to do so harder as any other hand on the farm” (Kettle 118). After being forced to work in the fields with appalling conditions, Heathcliff escapes from Wuthering Heights and for the next three years, has no contact with anyone. Hindley’s life turns upside-down when his wife dies and he turns to alcohol and gambling to help dull his aching heart. Heathcliff now returns to the area with the thirst to get complete revenge on all who has done him wrong, beginning with his jealous alcoholic brother, Hindley. To start off his master plan, Heathcliff lends his brother money to “encourage” him with his gambling and alcohol addictions. Hindley ends up drowning in debt and is no longer able to own Wuthering Heights. Heathcliff is luckily there to take the land off of his hands. Heathcliff is successful in getting revenge due to previous events between the brothers. The scaring and unfortunate childhood that Heathcliff endeavors, shapes his character in the
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