Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights Essay

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Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights 1. What techniques are used in the characterization of Heathcliff? Effects? Heathcliff is associated with evil and darkness from the beginning of the novel. "I felt his black eyes withdraw so suspiciously under their brows." (1) When Lockwood sees Heathcliff's garden (perhaps a symbol for Heathcliff) "the earth was hard with a black frost…the air made me shiver through every limb." (6) When we see Heathcliff when he is first brought into the Earnshaw household, he is immediately…show more content…
2. Show an understanding of why point of view is a crucial technique to understand in this work. Include an awareness of the ideas in the Carol Jacob's essay "Wuthering Heights: At the Threshold of Interpretation." Point of view is an important aspect of every novel. It can be argued that point of view in Wuthering Heights affects the entire story. The novel is told primarily through two narrators. Lockwood, the first narrator, tells events through a distorted perspective. He tries to rationalize anything that happens to him. Lockwood is very optimistic and tries to find a positive interpretation for everything. As Carol Jacob quotes, "Dree, and dreary! I reflected…and not exactly of the kind which I should have chosen to amuse me. But never mind! I'll extract wholesome medicines from Mrs. Dean's bitter herbs." To make matters worse, he is vain, he often makes mistakes, it is very hard to trust his narrations and interpretations. The reader may not know the truth about many places in the novel, specifically in the ghost scene Nelly Dean is the other narrator in Wuthering Heights. Her narration also must be judged, not only does she have her own weaknesses as a narrator, but it is also reported in Lockwood's journal. Thus, not only do we have Nelly's biases, but we also have Lockwood's interpretation in Nelly's narration, (Chinese box). She is a very biased person and this affects the reader's
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