Emily Brown Short Story

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“Lily Brown”, a short story by Diane Goodman, follows the working life of a young woman with an apparent disability. Working as the voice of the short story, this young woman describes her various working positions and the numerous accounts that follow. Each job position she holds further reveals more about her internal well being, struggling with her disability. Working in multiple telemarketing firms, this young woman connects people to countless products. Using exaggeration, aliases, and her soothing voice, she takes on a new character each time she picks up the phone. Early in the narrative, she claims, “I know telemarketing is my calling,” (Goodman 42) proving that she finds comfort in this job position. Hiding behind her telephone,…show more content…
She comes to terms with her outward appearance to the public when she expresses their initial reactions to her. She says, “People would walk in, see me, and stop in their tracks. A couple people actually gasped. People are afraid of change, I guess, but I am the master of change, so I was pretty understanding (44). Overall, this shows that she is still in denial with the reality of her situation. Having a job where her disability is not hidden, and her underlying self-consciousness consumes her subconsciousness, she attempts to find an outlet for herself. The young woman returns to the idea that she was meant to help people. She comes to this conclusion after various encounters at the grocery store, and decides to take action. She claims that, “..offering deals was what I was born to do” (45). Due to her new position at the grocery store, it is revealed that her willingness to help other people stems from the fact that she wants to give back, and give people what they need. For majority of her time, Alma has been taking care of her, giving her whatever she needs, and providing for her. The woman, not being able to repay her, finds her release in helping others. At her new job, she uses this as her new escape from the reality of her disability. She creates a new bulletin board business within the grocery store. Providing and offering services of the neighbors to the store. She finds a sense of pride in her project, connecting
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