Emily Dickinson Death Analysis

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This poem, written by Emily Dickinson, is a poem about death and his apparent kindness. Emily Dickinson is a 19th Century American poet who has had a great impact on poetry. Though she lived in solitude for a majority of her life, the people she did come into contact with had great influence on her(“Emily Dickinson”). She was influenced a great deal by the concept of death and the book of Revelations (“Emily Dickinson”). This poem was originally published in 1863, and has been open to questions and speculations regarding the intent of the speaker of the poem. I chose this poem to write on because Emily Dickinson has always been a favorite poet of mine, and her whimsical outlook on some of the most pressing matters, such as death, intrigues me. Throughout the poem, Dickinson uses dashes as a sort of punctuation, only stopping to use a comma and period very infrequently. Her stanzas could be seen under a form of enjambment, however, since the idea in the next stanzas do not necessarily continue with the previous thought, it does seem to be that these dashes are used to end ideas, but not completely. Another interesting note about the set-up of the poem is the capitalization of different words. These words seem to emphasize important objects around the two characters that are taken into account as they travel to the final destination. Another interesting fact is that lines one and three of each stanza have eight syllables whereas the second and fourth lines have six. This is
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