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For this assignment, I will be analysing the literary text of Emily Dickinson’s 1861 poem, ‘I felt a funeral in my brain.’ Dickinson is known for unusual diction of unconventional punctuation, slant-rhyme and rhyme itself, as well as rare word choice, and imagery (Miller, 2007, pp.18) so I will be focusing particularly on sound patterning as my central framework, as it is most fitting to showcase my interpretation of the poem. However, I will be incorporating other relevant frameworks were appropriate.
I found this text to be quite dark and morbid, as I felt it explores a woman descending into madness due to the psychological breakdown of her mind, her brain function. I believe that the title ‘I felt a funeral in my brain’ is metaphorical for the death of her brain. Referring to ‘Funeral,’ I found that there is a religious element to the poem. In support of this, Dickinson’s form has been commonly associated with hymn due to the similar structure, 8/6. (Leiter 2007, pp.334) However there is irregularity of this form present as the structure does change slightly, from 8/6 to 7/6 briefly in stanza two. (Eberwein, 1998, pp.152) In this poem however, the scheme follows the pattern ABCB (within the second and fourth stanza) with a common meter. In terms of meter, it is balanced due to the consistency of the iambic presence, which barely broken throughout despite the breaking (pausing) with slow rhyme, highlights the poets motive to link the sign of mental instability. To add, I

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