Emily Dickinson: Her View of God

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Emily Dickinson: Her View of God Emily Dickinson had a view of God and His power that was very strange for a person of her time. Dickinson questioned God, His power, and the people in the society around her. She did not believe in going to church because she felt as though she couldn't find any answers there. She asked God questions through writing poems, and believed that she had to wait until she died to find out the answers. Dickinson was ahead of her time with beliefs like this. Many people in her generation just believed in God, went to church, and looked highly on the events discussed during church out of fear. These people were hesitant to ask questions, afraid of God, and scared of Dickinson because she started to inquire…show more content…
If they rebel, people will think their insane, and that will put a label on them, causing people to become frightened when near them. As society makes Dickinson feel out of place she starts to realize the importance of God and who He really is. This is important because God and death are now becoming a more critical part of her life. Dickinson starts to dwell on death and when it will come to her. She describes how she thinks death will come to her and how God will greet her in the poem, "Because I Could Not Stop for Death". She imagines death coming in a carriage and taking her off to a happy place of "immortality". " Because I could not stop for death- He kindly stopped for me- The carriage held but just ourselves- And Immortality." This shows that Dickinson has realized the importance of God in her life, whereas in previous poems she did not. Dickinson then goes on to describe the passing of the carriage over fields and the sun, on her way to an everlasting happiness in heaven. In conclusion, Emily Dickinson had a view of God that revolved around questioning His power. However, as she grew she started to realize how much power God actually has over a person and their life. Dickinson lived to serve and please God. She did this by simply believing in Him and in what He could do. She did not need to go to

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