Emily Dickinson : Love, Life And Passion

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Zhana Sabevska Professor Smith English 1102 8 February 2014 Emily Dickinson: Love, Life and Passion Emily Elizabeth Dickinson (1830-1886), one of the most enigmatic figures of the world of literature. The daughter of a lawyer, she was born in Amherst, a small provincial town of Massachusetts. For more than three decades of her creative activity she wrote nearly, 1775 poems and 1049 letters. The poetry of Emily Dickinson is like a warm spring breeze, so sensual and gentle, but also sharply sticking with its truthful description of the world. Her poetry accommodates a variety of themes, colors, and moods, which often is difficult to determine the specific topic of the verse because of the possibility of more than one interpretation. In “I’m Nobody! Who are you?”, Dickinson presents the ongoing conflict – to find your real self and the attempt of becoming someone else just to fit into society. In the stanza, she sadly protests against the unjust global society structure, “I’m Nobody! Who are you?”(1). Through her tone – confused and sad she refers to suggestions for the human’s feelings, states of mind, and life complications. The problem of the character is the decision or choice of life position, the fear to make the risky jump “Are you – Nobody – Too?, or to passively wait for society’s acceptance. The repetition of the word “Nobody” in the first verse, however, creates a sense of inner confusion, sadness, and personal dilemma to find and understand others who are
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