Emily Dickinson 's Amazing Gifts As A Poet

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One of Emily’s Dickinson’s amazing gifts as a poet was her ability to write her poems

using rich images. She was known to be a very intense viewer and through her

poetry she shows her personal feelings in topics that greatly interested her. Emily

Dickinson became recognized as one of the greatest female poet in American literature

after her death in 1886. Emily Dickinson personal life experiences are reflected in her poetry

writings. Her poetry shows the difficulties and needs of human relationship with writing

that is moving and captivating.

Emily Dickinson was born on December 10, 1830 in Amherst Massachusetts. She

was well educated and attended the Amherst Academy. Her father was Edward

Dickinson, he
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She dedicated most of her time completing notebooks with poetry

writing and letters to her friends. Dickinson manually bounded her booklets together by

folding and sewing five to six sheets of her final version of her poems. When she wasn’t

writing, she spent time caring for her sickly mother.

Emily Dickinson was a middle child, her older brother was Austin and her litter sister

name was Laviana. Emily and her sister did not get married nor had any children.

Her brother married Susan Gilbert and Emily considered her a close friend.

The few important people in her life inspired her to write poetry. One of the important people in Emily Dickinson life were Otis P. Lord, a Massachusetts Supreme Court Judge,
Samuel Bowles, Editor of the Springfield Republican and Reverend Charles Wadworth
Emily felt deeply in love with the minister but he was a married man. Many of her poems are believed to be dedicated to Wadsworth unreturned love towards her.

In her early years of writing, Dickinson was influenced by Leonard Humphrey, Principal of Amherst Academy, and a family friend named Benjamin Franklin Newton. Newton presented Dickinson to the poetry of William Wordsworth, who also served as her inspiration and someone that she considered her closest earthly friend. Later on, Emily
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