Emily Dickinson 's Death And Made

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Emily Dickinson was a writer that had a morbid, yet beautiful way of expressing her thoughts. It takes many times to read her work and finally grasp some of what she means. Her poems leave the reader questioning and wondering why exactly a certain stanza was written that way. Dickinson wrote about death and made it seem as though she knew what it was really like, those very last moments of life. Then on the other hand, she wrote about happy experiences in life, sexual ones, and some that make insane thoughts seem so sane. Emily Dickinson used various ways of expressing her ideas of specific moments in life whether it be in dark poems with beautiful meanings, or refreshing poems that are uplifting. Emily Dickinson did not live what seemed to be an adventurous or lively life. Many people thought of her as a recluse because she did not get out much. However, she wrote with so much knowledge of adventure and experience which not one person thought happened to her. She was able to come up with such vivid moments, ones where it were as if she dealt with them herself. This shows that either she had amazing and compelling ideas or that she did experience some of the things she wrote about, but was very quiet about it all. She did not write how other poets wrote. Many of her poems did not rhyme, but if they did, it was slant rhyme. She also had many reoccurring themes that she was very comfortable talking about. Knowing her background before reading the poems she wrote makes them
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