Emily Dickinson 's Influence On Poetry

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There was a time when poetry was not present in my life. When I was younger, there was no form of art that I really loved or had a connection with. It wasn’t until 8th grade, when we were assigned to read an assortment of Emily Dickinson poems, that I began to understand the influence poetry could have. At a time when I was feeling invisible and insecure, her poetry made me feel the exact opposite. I took great comfort in knowing that someone had also experienced feelings of loneliness and optimism at the same time. Dickinson revealed attributes about myself that I didn’t even know had existed until then. The role of the poet is an important one. Poets use language to create a transcendent connection to the reader to provide something meaningful and useful in their lives. Poets share experiences that can vary from universal to specific. They can use poetry to address ignorance; it becomes an educational tool for topics that are usually considered controversial or touchy, such as racism and sexism. Poets give readers a manner in which they can release their feelings, an opportunity not readily available in everyday life. To establish this crucial connection, poets identify certain aspects of themselves through their writings. Audre Lorde continuously brings up her background as being a lesbian and black because it makes important contributions to her essays and poems. These aspects bring comfort to readers who are desperately searching for a piece of themselves in poems.…
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