Emily Dickinson 's ' Writing

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Jennelle Mina
English 105
December 15, 2014
Emily Dickinson Research Paper Emily Dickinson’s (1830-1886) work became a very influential to American Literature. She was born in Amherst, Massachusetts on December ten. It was when she left school to live a solitary life at home her passion for writing began. Following her death, Dickinson’s family discovered her journals filled with her work and had it published. After her work became publish she caught the attention of many readers through her unique form of writing. Dickinson challenged the traditional forms of writing and posed different ways of viewing the world which made her considered an unconventional writer of her time. Many of her works are deceptively minimalistic yet contain so much meaning because of her careful choice in words. Dickinson’s writing are often applicable to multiple points of views or meanings, some of which were points of controversy. Many of Dickinson’s writing touched on many culturally sensitive controversial topics. Some of which are still applicable to this day which is a reason why she upholds her reputation and is considered one of the most influential American writer. Through Dickinson’s unconventional style of writing and exploration of philosophical and controversial themes, she is deemed as one of the top most influential, female, American writer. Dickinson’s style of writing is unique because of her use of diction, meter, and punctuation. The techniques used in her poetry
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