Emily Dickinson's The Narrow Fellow In The Grass

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The Narrow Fellow in The Grass is a poem by Emily Dickinson who portrays the hidden creature in the grass. In the starting we are curious to learn more about the creature and figure out its character. Halfway through the poem, the poetess gives evidences of the snake’s constant appearances and disappearances. This tends the reader to perceive the snake to be a trickster leading to a sense of deception. Deception is very relevant to the prevailing occurrences. One finest example can be false advertising. False advertising is something which is misleading and can be unpredictable. The sellers advertise their products and services to draw attention from the customers. Such advertisements are to deceive the customers. The sellers want to obtain new clients by misrepresenting the features and its appearance from their natural structure or pattern. Usually, such ads hide their cons and embellish their pros. One of the case where false advertisements have been too deceptive is an advertisement by Wal-Mart. It had advertised a nationwide sale on coke. It charged the customers more than the advertised sale price in more than hundred stores. Further, it was determined that the cash…show more content…
As there are many competitors, one may fall into the trap of fraudulent related activities. They can gain more customers by simply exaggerating the good features. They end up delivering vague and unbelievable statements. There exists more fraud in online ads because many of them totally differ in the actual products when compared to their ads. There are many complaints on the images displayed on the ad. They vary in colour, size, quality, price, etc. The fundamental purpose of an advertisement is to communicate the product’s actual features. Most of them fail to convey the actual state. This leads to the customer’s sceptical behaviour towards the producer/
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