Emily Grierson's Time

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Time Does Not Stand Still Miss Emily Grierson was a proper lady of Jefferson. Unfortunately for her, she came to live in a time when being a proper lady was no longer what was expected. She avoided any sort of change coming to her life, and because of it, the world moved on without her. The story takes place in the South, as is illustrated a few times throughout the story. It took place some time between the 1860’s and the 1930’s, which illustrates the source of some problems for Miss Emily. That was just after the civil war, and that was a period of great change for the South. Not only did the South have to quickly extinguish slavery, it changed from agriculture to factories with almost the same pace. Most of the people in Jefferson had someone to go through these changes with, but Emily did not. Clearly her father was wealthy. He would have owned a fair amount of slaves, one of whom was probably Tobe, the Negro…show more content…
Before, she had not had anyone to help her through the change, but now she did not have anyone at all. There was no one to remind her of the passage of time. The only one who might have done this was Tobe, and as he was a Negro, he did not count in her mind. Homer probably helped her to accept the fact that time was moving, yet as she was beginning to adjust, beginning to move with time again, she lost him. He threatened to leave her, so she trapped him in time with her. William Faulkner grew up in the South, which had a definite influence on his writing. Born in 1897, he was too young to have watched slavery die, and yet he knew many of those who had. A Rose for Emily could easily have had its beginnings in someone he knew through childhood. After all, he watched those around him fall into poverty because their wealth was based on their human property. Once they lost that, they lost their fortune as well. It must have been easy for William Faulkner to picture them losing their mind as
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