Emily Mandel's Station 11 Analysis

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There is a famous expression by a renowned Australian psychiatrist, neurologist and a Holocaust survivor Viktor E. Frankl, “Those who have a 'why' to live, can bear with almost any 'how'.” (2006) which is very much relatable to the astonishingly well written post-apocalyptic novel “Station Eleven” by Emily Mandel published on September 9, 2014. The author gives voice to many characters and highlights the efforts they make to create a little utopia of their own in the eerie and dystopian aftermath of the pandemic which swept majority of the Earth’s population. Given that, the novel is unconventional in its own narrative and focuses on the major key theme of rebuilding humanity from the ashes of destruction for the purpose of not only surviving, but to relive and stay humane against the…show more content…
The storyline strips our home with all the conveniences we take for granted (such a horrifying thing to imagine the Internet gone) and presents us with a futuristic stone-age. The novel can be referred to some of the most popular post-apocalyptic literature and movies and a comparison can be drawn about how the author managed to set up an engrossing, imaginative, daunting yet emotional effect on her readers.
As explicitly stated before, the narrative of this novel is non-linear i.e. the events shuffle back and forth in time. In the story, the new world follows a different calendar in which time has been reset and days are enumerated from the beginning after the collapse of the former civilization. The narrative of the novel in particular can be compared to the movie “Cloud Atlas” with Tom Hanks playing one of the leading roles. The movie showcases the implication of small decisions on creating legacy beyond time and space. In the context of this particular novel, the comic book “Station Eleven” gets passed along by sheer coincidence, but at the end, Kirsten realizes how much of these accidental events made a profound effect on her and the only other person she
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