Emily Schulman 's `` Empathy, And Jeffers ' Works Of Literature

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Commonality Writing Pieces Within Keats’ works of Literature, Sarah Schulman’s “Empathy,” and Jeffers’ works of literature, all of them together portray a sense of beauty in some way, symbolizing its true meaning. Beauty is along the lines of each of these authors and poets, but represented in various ways, showing that beauty has multiple meanings. Alongside the unique views shown through these authors’ lenses, they all come together to show what beauty can stand for. Also, what emerges the most within these written works is the notion of beauty and how it comes to realization in contrasting circumstances. Keats seems to find true beauty in everything; every view or perspective he has. In Ode to a Nightingale, the beauty is thinking that maybe death gives some one a chance not to have any worries, but knowing that there is always light at the end of a tunnel, and showing that there is always some one’s own Nightingale to put life into perspective when change is needed. Yes, the Nightingale in the poem might represent darkness in a way in which Keats thinks of death throughout many scenarios, but Keats still imagines this Nightingale as a beautiful creature in a beautiful world, “To cease upon the midnight with no pain, while thou art pouring forth thy soul abroad in such an ecstasy! Still wouldst thou sing, and I have ears in vain- to thy high requiem become a sod” (Lines 56-60). Keats is not envious of the Nightingale, but just wants to be like it and have a life of

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