Essay about Eminem’s Life Story: The Way He Is

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Eminem’s Life Story: The Way He Is

For many years people have been associating young adult’s violent behavior to rap music. Artists such as Eminem, Jay Z, 2 Pac, and many others are being blamed for the acts that teenagers commit, but why do these artists have such an influential impact on us? In our research of Eminem, our group is studying three main controversies; his upbringing, his attacks against family members and other artists, and his political views, in hopes to understand why his words influence millions of children and young adults. As Eminem said in an interview, “They portrayed me as a vicious, vile, evil person, but I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere in this business if I was just a complete a**hole” (“Eminem on His”).
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He rapped about growing up poor, having a drug addict for a mother, a rocky relationship with his soon-to-be wife Kim, and being accepted as a rapper in a predominantly black rapper society. Eminem manages to inculcate depth subtly and painfully into lyrics which have been chiefly prejudiced by his own life, a true reflection of the many troubled children today. And is there a source for the above information?

According to Kim Krichbaum ..??In December of 1995, the love of Eminem’s life was born, Hallie Mathers. He spent a great deal of time with his daughter and his wife, while trying to pick up side jobs to support his family. His passion for rap and swift lyrics did not fade, and he began entering himself into contests and promoting his work on radio stations, and also local shows. In 1997, Mathers was picked up by a record company and despite criticism, released his first album Infinite (Krichbaum again, it’s helpful to introduce the source where their information starts ). Eminem was very much? disappointed with the success of this album. He didn’t let that question his own ability to rap and he continued to write more lyrics. He knew one day these lyrics would be well known. His next album The Slim Shady LP made it into the hands of a famous rapper and producer, Dr. Dre who turned the album into a sure hit. In 1999 Eminem took the world by storm with his first released single, “My Name Is.” Since his first

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