Eminent Domain Paper

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When Should Eminent Domain be Used? When should a city or state use their eminent domain powers? Over the past few years there have been a couple of cases that raised the questions of when eminent domain should be used. One of the most controversial cases in the history of the United States was the Kelo v New London Supreme Court ruling. In order to generate tax revenue, add jobs, and to prevent bankruptcy, the government’s right to initiate eminent domain for public good is a necessary evil. Eminent domain in definition is “the right or power of public purposes without the owner’s consent on payment of just compensation” (“Eminent Domain History”). Eminent domain has been a part of the United States ever since the constitution…show more content…
Which would cause the city to grow and that would provide more money to the government with the increased tax revenue from all of the new families. This could create more jobs, because more companies might be interested in locating there due to all of the growth. Eminent domain should also be used by a city or state if it prevents it from going bankrupt. A city or state should use eminent domain if it prevents it from going bankrupt. If a city is near bankrupt then it cannot provide all of the necessary items that a city needs in order to run like it is supposed to. For example, if a city is short of funds then it would have to reduce its budget in places that would harm the city. It would have to cut money from the police, and fire departments. However, by using their eminent domain powers a city could keep all of this from happening by letting a business come that would create thousands in tax dollars, and add jobs to the city. This means that a reduction in the police and fire departments would not happen and the city would still run smoothly. The cities and states that use eminent domain to acquire land in order to keep themselves running smoothly is sad; however, these cities and states are looking out for what is best for their areas. These cities and states are not trying to make families move out of their homes in order to earn a quick dollar. These cities and states are only
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