Eminent Domain Should Be Used For The Good Of Mankind

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Imagine getting a visitor at your front door, and the visitor offers you a very generous amount of money for them to take you property for public use. For some people it is the property they grew up on, and for others it is the property that has been passed down through family generations. That is what happens when private property owners experience eminent domain. Eminent domain can be a wonderful thing for big companies and powerful leaders. On the other hand, people lose their homes, or perhaps their farmland. Those who offer eminent domain often have big plans that can benefit a community, but the huge loss here is people losing their homes. Most companies will only enforce eminent domain if they have no other choice. Other companies do it purely for themselves. Eminent domain should be used for the good of mankind, because it has the power to put some good places in this world if done correctly. Doing some research on eminent domain I came across the April 2010 issue of the Yale Law Journal. One of the notes in that issue mentioned the history of eminent domain, and it was called “Eminent domain due process” by Zachary Hudson. Hudson talks about how after eminent domain was founded; it was argued that it the power of eminent domain was or was not in the Constitution. Hudson says that “Congress did not pass a statute authorizing the use of eminent domain more generally until 1867 when it did so to aid in the development of national cemeteries following the civil war”…

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