Eminent Domain : Zoning And Land Use

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Eminent Domain – Zoning and Land Use Missouri concept and process of eminent domain Eminent domain is where the government has the power to take a private property and convert that into a public property, but the government can only exercise this power if they provide the just amount of compensation to those property owners. This is the main concept however each state has its own laws. In Missouri it’s now a little stricter when they revised their laws in 2006 to make it more balanced to protect the private property rights of an owner and as well as the need for cities to eliminate the blight conditions. The term “public use” differs between states for what a government can take and use for public use purposes. In the state of Missouri the term “public use” can be taking land to build public roads, to taking land for use by private railroad companies, and to taking land to build private businesses to spur the economic growth (Missouri law review 1). The government can only use eminent domain where there are blight conditions, which in Missouri; blight is property which constitutes an economic or social liability or menace to public health, safety, morals, or welfare in its present condition and use (Law of Missouri 2). Most states have the just compensation towards the private property owners as giving them compensation that is market value for their property. Missouri generally appoints three commissioners to report of any damages that the owner suffers as a result of the
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