Emirates Airline, Inflight Service Department in Managing Knowledge, Communication and Information

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Emirates Airline Inflight Service Department Managing Communication, Knowledge and Information The Inflight service department purpose is to deliver the five star inflight experience to our valued customers onboard. The best strategy to deliver the best experience to customers is to distribute outstanding knowledge among cabin crew about inflight product and services. With on ground appropriate training , cabin crew manage to have sufficient knowledge about basic product and services but to feed the cabin crew continuously with onboard update and change the management need to maintain a way that make the crew aware about the change so they can apply the change onboard in time. Moreover, to make sure the cabin crew acknowledge the change…show more content…
Well, everyday those letter will be collected and reviewed by an officer that in charge for this particular duty, he will review the idea from the crew and if more crew write the same matter until it reach certain number, then he will submit the letter with the same matter to upper management. To reach this stage maybe it will take 3 months- 6months, then the upper management will review it, if the idea is acceptable then this upper management will send a letter for approval to the head of inflight service department. To reach the director, it will be again few procedure to get the idea reviewed by managers, then again, the director will have it reviewed that might take quite some time as well, then if its approved he will send it back to the upper management, and the upper management will then announce the change to cabin crew. It might take 6months-1 year for particular cabin crew that his/her ideas has been heard and reviewed. And sometimes there will be no reply at all. To improve the effectiveness about receiving feedback from employees, it will be outstanding if there is some way that cabin crew can review where exactly their feedback has been processed, so the crew won’t feel dismotivated to

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