Emirates Airlines: Analysis Of Motivation In Emirates Airlines

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demerit is that the functions will concentrate on their goals and budgets and forget about the overall objectives of the company (Morgan, 2015).
Another type of structure is the matrix organizational structure. It is considered a finer version of the functional structure because it also concentrates on functions of an organization. However, unlike the functional one, the matrix structure involves different departments to ensure that all necessary functions work together. The most common type of organizational structure is considered to be the tall hierarchical structure. One of its characteristics is having a long chain of command (Morgan, 2015). The hierarchical organizational structure is common in big companies. It is because of the fact that as an organization develops, the number of management levels increase forcing the structure to grow taller. The advantage of this arrangement lies in the fact that it allows for the close supervision of employees. The demerit, however, is that the tall structure creates communication problems consequently hindering the progress of the organization (Morgan, 2015).
Analysis of Motivation in Emirates Airlines Embracing Herzberg's motivation-hygiene theory, the company has embarked on offering its employees incentives that contribute to job satisfaction. The
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At the top is the chairperson of the airline who also doubles up as the chair of the whole Emirates group. The next in command is the airline president. Two executive vice presidents follow the hierarchy. One is in charge of the company's commercial operations worldwide while the other one is in charge of the organization's engineering and operations. The next persons in command are twelve senior vice president in charge of different sectors of the airline. They receive assistance from seven divisional senior vice president who are in charge of the various divisions of the company (The Emirates Group,
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