Emissions From Commercial Aircraft For Help Protect The Environment

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emissions from commercial aircraft to help protect the environment" (ICAO). Gasoline consumption needs to be limited as much as possible, which the United Nations could not have stressed enough. Fossil fuels are predicted to be all gone from the planet within the next eighty years and by coming up with solutions now to reduce gasoline use is critical. Competition between companies within the same industry can be daunting. Michael Porter is an economist who came up with what is known as Porter 's five forces model. The model, “Identifies and analyzes five competitive forces that shape every industry and helps determine an industries weaknesses and strengths" (Investopedia). The five forces are entry, power of input suppliers, power of…show more content…
Michael Porter put great emphasis on internal rivalry in his model. To be the best within a given industry such as shipping requires constant strategically thinking in order to to keep the competitive edge. The shipping industry is hard to get into for new entrants because FedEx, UPS and DHL have already established their brand globally. There is a low chance that an up and coming company can pose as a real threat to either one of these three companies. There is a huge amount of money that needs to be brought about to compete. Some of the main costs would be planes, trucks, infrastructure and fuel. That alone would mean spending billions of dollars to get on the same level FedEx, UPS and DHL. All these three companies dominant shipping packages either through the ground or air. What I mean by that is FedEx destroys UPS in express delivery market, but UPS controls the ground shipping market. While DHL and FedEx both control international markets far more than UPS. Building a brand name would take years if not decades for new entrants to be recognized along with a ton of capital. FedEx is spending billions just on acquiring international companies to help build their brand. It is unlikely to see a new entrant pose any sort of serious threat to the already established reputable companies such as FedEx, UPS and DHL. Threats in the shipping industry do not come from new entrants, but rather the power of the buyers. Buyer power

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