Emma Akin's Book Report

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I first began to write about Emma Akin and The Negro American Series textbooks in late 2013, beginning by way of a dramatic format; the screenplay. After a year and numerous months of work on this project, a curator from the National Museum of African-American History and Culture suggested I write a children’s book, at which time I began work on doing illustrations for a coloring book. Ultimately, I chose to tell the story in a book written on a 7th-9th grade reading level, in hopes that the story would be simple enough for young scholars to comprehend, yet contain enough substance to interest adults and leave them wanting to hear more of the story.
I began researching publishers while writing the book and after much time, at the suggestion of three published authors, I chose to utilize the services of to self-publish. is a print on demand publisher who, for a fee, offers professional services to authors to assist them throughout the creating,
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As I had no budget, I enlisted the help of friend and retired Drumright High School English teacher, Luann Branch, to act as my editor. Mrs. “Ma” Branch is famous in our small town as not only an educator who could inspire even the most lethargic of students, but as a civic leader who directs spectacular musicals, charming melodramas, and leads glorious choirs. I was honored and humbled that she accepted my request.
Again, with no budget for cover design, I chose to create my own. The front cover displays a beautiful photograph of Emma Akin’s personal copies of her textbooks, taken by local photographer, Sarah Mattox. I chose the colors of the top and bottom of the front cover to compliment this photograph.
The back cover contains images from The Negro American Series and photographs from the Drumright Historical Museum
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