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Emma, authored by Jane Austen, tells a story of a wealthy young woman 's schemes to match up her new, and much more poor, friend with the town 's unsuspecting bachelors. What is revealed, however, is not Emma 's skills in match-making, but her inability to see the true feelings of those around her, as well as her own heart. Emma took place in a small town called Highbury, in 18th century England. During the time period, there was a definite social rank. Almost all of the scenes in the book take place in or around the estates of the characters. Their property mostly determined their social status. This setting has significance to the storyline because of the social rank. Emma, who is constantly trying to play matchmaker, tries to convince…show more content…
She refuses him and resolves to give up matchmaking, since her attempt to get Harriet and Mr. Elton together had been so disastrous. Unfortunately, Emma finds out that Harriet is in love with Mr. Knightley, horrifying Emma because at this accusation, she realizes that she is in love with him as well. As a result, Emma comes to the realization that she is to blame, for if she hadn 't encouraged Harriet to think herself better than she was, she would have married Mr. Martin in the first place. However, Mr. Knightley proposes to Emma and she accepts. Robert Martin proposes once again to Harriet and this time she accepts him. It becomes known that Harriet 's father was, in fact, a rich tradesman, so there was no shame in her marrying a farmer after all. Harriet and Robert Martin marry first. Emma and Mr. Knightley still have to adjust Mr. Woodhouse to the idea of them marrying. Emma cannot leave her father, so they plan to live at Hartfield rather than Donwell Abbey, Mr. Knightley 's home. But Mr. Woodhouse sees no rush, wondering why they can 't wait a few years. Fortunately the frustration ends when some local robberies convince Mr. Woodhouse that he would be safer if Mr. Knightley lived at Hartfield. So Emma and Mr. Knightley marry quickly, before Mr. Woodhouse has a chance to change his mind. Thus, Emma recognized her manipulative ways were wrong, and she find her true feelings because she found her own
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