Emma Critical Incident

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Cultural differences are also an important aspect of the critical incident as mother was from a Pakistan and had recently moved to England. Emma was from Pakistan has had only been in the country for a year and was finding it difficult to adjust and integrate into her community.. According to research migrant women experience feelings of great sadness, vulnerability, loneliness, isolation and wishing for family members to be around during the perinatal period (Drennan and Joseph, 2005). Emma did not know about the services available in the community such as children centres and sure start for support and had to be sign posted by the health visitor to these services. Gender and ethnicity are important factors which influence the vulnerability of a person. As a woman from Pakistan origin, motherhood signifies your importance and value in the society. Barns and Maple (1992) show how women hope that motherhood can give them identity and value as women.
Therefore having a pre term baby was not seen as a norm in their culture. MIND (2013) states that women who lack social support especially if they are single parent or recent immigrant are at risk of postnatal depression (PND) which relates to Emma.
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The client nurse relation between Emma and her health visitor brought about positive outcomes. In that, mother trusted her health visitor enough to call her when the baby was in distress and also followed her and took the baby to hospital. Moreover, the health visitor called mothers on a regularly for update of baby. This nurse-client relationship has been considered the foundation of successful home-visiting programs for families at risk (McNaughton,
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