Emma Goldman Essay

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Many individuals have had an influence on the United States and globally, both in the positive and negative sense. One example of a positive influencer on the world was Emma Goldman. She faced injustice from an early age, which contributed to her interest and eventual involvement in political and radical movements. Growing up Jewish in an anti-Semitic country, Goldman and her family experienced oppression and discrimination firsthand. Goldman often had heroines that she looked up to as a child whom also sparked her motivation to make a change (“The Emma Goldman Papers”). Through her lifetime, Goldman made her mark in a variety of reforms and anarchist movements, with which she strongly identified and agreed. Even up until her death in…show more content…
Her continuous resistance and determination eventually led to an increased acceptance of free speech in America. However, the United States was not the only country in which Goldman made her impact. Many other activists in continents such as Asia, Europe, and South America were inspired by her fight for social justice, including her anarchist and feminist ideals. Furthermore, her time spent in countries such as Russia and France allowed her to speak out directly to the citizens and government there. In all, thanks to Emma Goldman’s perseverance in regards to reforms, her positive influence was strongly felt both in the United States as well as globally. Next, Emma Goldman influenced many aspects of politics and society in America through reforms. She touched on a variety of topics and issues that even other anarchists and leftists deemed “too radical” to focus on. As previously stated, Goldman fought for women’s rights and free speech, as well as against war. Yet this was not all that she advocated for. For example, Goldman became heavily involved in the fight for better workers’ rights shortly after coming to America and realizing the poor quality of the working conditions and the mistreatment of workers. Similarly to how she found contradiction in America’s promise of freedom of speech and simultaneous silencing of anyone speaking against the government and system of the country, she also
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