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Emma Hendrix Mrs. Pickle Pre-AP World History 9 16 March 2017 The Schlieffen Plan Leads to the Two Front War When Germany declared war on Russia in 1914, they also had their own military plan, which called for a two front war with France and Russia. It was called The Schlieffen Plan and was developed by General Alfred von Schlieffen in 1903 but was revised in December of 1905. At this time, he was chief of the German General Staff, and Europe was separated into the Triple Alliance, which consisted of Germany, Austria, and Italy, on one side and the Triple Entente, which consisted of Great Britain, France, and Russia, on the other. Schlieffen was sought out by the Kaiser in order to construct an arrangement that would allow Germany to…show more content…
It was supposed to be implemented by 1916, when Schlieffen felt that Germany would be strong enough to be victorious; however, when Schlieffen designed his plan, he did not take politcs or the chaos that it would lead to into account. Two years before they were prepared to implement the Plan, in 1914, a Serbian nationalist killed the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand. It is believed that the tension between Serbia and Austria-Hungary goes back to the annexation of Bosnia and Herzegovina by Austria-Hungary. Serbia was infuriated because it ruined their hope of Slavic unity and freedom by using Bosnia to establish a large Serbian Kingdom. Because of the archduke’s assassination and the fact that Serbia rejected some of the ultimatums given by Austria-Hungary in order to preserve its sovereignty, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. After the takeover of Bosnia and Herzegovina by Austria-Hungary, Russia and Austria-Hungary’s allies were committed to supporting their respective allies more effectively in the event of another crisis. Therefore, since Russia was determined to fully support Serbia, Czar Nicholas II ordered partial mobilization, the process of assembling troops and supplies and making them ready for war, of the Russian army against Austria-Hungary. Today, mobilization would not necessarily be considered as an act of war; however, at

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