Emma Orczy French Revolution

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A man known only as a ‘fop’ to high society, who had the good fortune of being born into a family of wealth and baronetcy, Sir Percy Blakeney sets the French Republicans reeling when he smuggles French aristocrats condemned to be guillotined, into England.
Through history taught in classrooms as well as what is known to the general public of the French revolution, France was on the way to becoming a state constituting ‘Liberty, Fraternity and Equality’ and only by getting rid of the ‘filthy rich’ French aristocracy could this independence be achieved. Herein is where the author, Baroness Emma Orczy paints a completely different picture of the French revolution. The aristocracy are pitied and a handful of people who were completely innocent of any crime towards the poor of France were whisked away by a vanguard of brave men travelling to and fro all the way from England in order to save their heads from the guillotine.
Set in 1972, the novel renders an atmosphere of gloom that pervades the country of France as opposed to the idle society of the rich class in England, with their never ending tea parties and balls to amuse them. There are several characters that keep the readers amused throughout the novel. Marguerite, a French actress and a supporter of the revolution falls in love
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Even before Marguerite could get to know the real Sir Percy, he hides behind the shadow of the foppish nature he had created for himself in order to divert the public away from his identity as ‘The Scarlet Pimpernel’. The plot thickens when we find out that Marguerite is in fact a friend of Citizen Chauvelin but is unaware of his advances towards the ‘gentleman’ and the vigilante she believes is the brave and selfless hero of so many of the French Aristocrats he saved, many of whom were women and
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