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Dr. Carol Dodd dictating an operative report on Emma Parker 09/26/2011 Hospital number 11259 Date of surgery 09/26/2011 Admitting physican: Sherman Loyd, MD Surgeon: Carol Dodd, MD Preoperative Diagnosis: Right intertrochanteric femoral fracture. Postoperative Diagnosis: Same Operative procedure: Open reduction internal fixation of right intertrochanteric femoral fracture with dipwheeze sliding screw. Anesthesia: General endotracheal Indications: The patient is a 69 year old black female who fell landing on her right hip. She was seen in the Emergency Room where physical exam and x-ray revealed an intertrochanteric right femoral fracture. She was admitted to Dr. Loyd’s service . After an orthopedic…show more content…
This was then measured and 85 mm was found to be the appropriate length. The core was cut for the sliding screw without complication using a pre-set reamor set at 85 mm. The tap was then used to tap the way for the proximal screw and an 85 mm sliding screw was inserted across the fracture sight into the head and neck without complication. A four hole 135 degree side plate was then attached. We slid it over the depwheeze sliding screw and attached it to the proximal femur using a lommen turkey claw clamp. With the fixation in place AP and lateral fluoroscopic images throughout the fracture sight and hardware position confirmed good reduction and good placement of the hardware. At this point the side plate was then secured to the proximal femur using the 3-2 drill bit to drill a hole measuring the approximate length with the depth gauge and placing 4-5 cortical screws of the appropriate length without complication. At this point the compression screw was inserted. All traction was left off and the compression screw was tightened impacting the fracture nicely. All screws were then tightened with the screwdriver. The lommen was removed, as was all hardware. Multiple views in the AP and lateral plains of the fracture
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