Emma Watson As A Feminist

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Emma Watson identifies as a women’s rights activist as well as a feminist. She declared herself a feminist at her UN Launch Campaign Speech and received more criticism than she had in her whole life because of it. Emma takes every opportunity given to her to show people that they have an option when it comes to beauty standards placed on men and women alike. Not only that, but men are raised being taught that they are the superior gender, and that they should be in control. Emma Watson lives and teaches in a way that rejects societal gender roles and beauty standards.
Though Emma had received criticism before, she claims that it was the worst after her UN speech. She says that she needed 24 hours just to sulk because it was so unexpectedly cruel. Even though it did get this bad, and likely got worse as her days went on, she ever backed down. The Satiratician says “Oh how nice, we have permission. Isn't that sweet? They're giving us permission to be little f*cking p*ssies. I can't speak for every male naturally, but ... I would not sacrifice that for some feminist agenda to turn men into women.” This proves that there is still something worth fighting for. He is talking as though it would be awful if any man became anything like a woman. He also says that Emma Watson is asking for men to do tall the work. It was things like this that made Emma realize she had to keep fighting, because obvious work still needed to be done. Emma Watson received countless amounts of critics such as this, depicting every word she used in her entire speech, but she never backed down and is still fighting for women's equality to this day. "When, at 15, my girlfriends started dropping out of their sports teams because they didn't want to appear 'muscly'." says Emma Watson in her UN speech. She believes that these beauty standards are placed into the minds of children from early ages. Girls are not meant to be muscled, boys are. Boys are not supposed to be thin, girls are. Emma takes every opportunity given to her to make a difference. For example, she was cast as Belle in Disney’s real-life version of “Beauty and the Beast”. While shooting for this movie, she was asked to wear a corset underneath her dress, to better match the
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