Emma Watson Gender Equality Analysis

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Does the name Hermione Granger sound familiar? Emma Watson, who played the courageous character of Hermione Granger in Harry Potter, has become a feminist who fights for gender equality. She delivered a moving speech called "HeForShe" on September 20, 2014, at the United Nations Headquarters. Watson is an ambassador of the United Nations Women's Goodwill and wrote this speech in the effort to alert UN members of this very real problem. There have been numerous complaints about women not being paid the same as their male collogues, unpaid maternity leave, and basic gender stereotypes. Important events recorded in 2014 include acceptance of same-sex marriage in many states and a large number of hate crimes towards transgender men and women. Gender inequality is a worldwide problem that was first recognized in the early 1980s. The biggest problem is that since then, there has been almost no change, not enough people have taken initiative to proclamate change around the world. World Economic Forum ranks the USA 22 out of 135 countries for most containing the most support for gender equality, meaning that it is not necessarily the USA that has inequality, but that it is extended in many countries. In her elevating "HeForShe" speech, Emma Watson effectively used rhetorical strategies to persuade her audience - the United Nation members - by clearly stating her claims of gender inequality and providing evidence to support them, by incorporating an abundant amount of detail
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